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Sell event tickets offline through our network of retail partners, on-site ticketing trucks and integrated self-service ticketing machines.
Strategic ticketing partners of Jarir Bookstore and Visit Saudi. Sell your events to the biggest audience possible.
Marketing database of over 2,000,000 registered users on Hala Yalla to promote your events to.
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icon3,000,000+ Tickets Sold
icon40,000+ Tickets Sold in Less Than 30 Minutes
icon50+ National Retail Points & Ticket Trucks
Sell Your Tickets at Jarir Bookstore
With a showroom never further than 15 minutes away from any resident, Jarir Bookstore is the perfect partner for sales of your event’s offline tickets. Take advantage of showroom footfall to boost your event ticket sales.
Ticketing Truck for Offline Ticket Sales
Our ticketing trucks give you the option to go directly to where your customers are and sell them tickets there. Don’t restrict yourself to a single location for offline ticket sales with our mobile offline ticketing trucks.
Self Service Ticket Sales
For dedicated events and spaces, sometimes the easiest way to sell offline tickets is through a self-service ticketing machine. Our self-service machines let your customers buy and print out their tickets on the spot
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