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A 4-Day Trip to Discover Nature in Jazan 

Ideal for men and women
Starting from
2800 SAR
Starting from
2800 SAR

What's included

  • Accommodation at a 5,4,3 -star hotel
  • Transportations (bus, 4x4 GMC Yukon 2020)
  • Meals
  • Tour guide
  • Activities

What's not included

  • Flight tickets


  • Day 1
    - 7:00 AM: Reception at Jizan International Airport Main Gate No. 1
    - 9:00 AM: Guests will head to the hotel to get some rest
    - 12:00 PM: Visiting a Saudi family from the people of Jizan, offering Jizan hospitality, Qishr coffee, Jizan sweets, watching Jizan game, and honoring them with decades of jasmine and kadi.
    - 2:00 PM: Delicious Jizani cuisine lunch is served to them by the Saudi family as a hospitality sign to tourists
    - 4:00 PM: Visit Wadi Lajeb and enjoy the experience of climbing rocky cliffs
    - 8:00 PM: A tour of around the Jizan corniche and visit the heritage village in its modern form
    - 10:00 PM: Head back to the hotel (4-star hotel)
  • Day 2
    - 8:00 AM: Visit Al saad lake and the Jizan valley, enjoy watching the beautiful scenery and the beautiful weather. Enjoy the beauty of the green spaces and trees on the Wadi Al saad lake and watch different types of migratory birds.
    - 12:00 PM: Have an outdoor lunch in the garden and take beautiful pictures
    - 1:00 PM: Head back to the hotel to take a rest
    - 3:00 PM: Visit the FIFA Mountains and enjoy an enjoyable safari trip between the green pastures of Fifa in Jizan and its thick snowy fog by driving four-wheel-drive vehicles on roads and narrow mountain turns. Then ride the primitive, homemade iron cable car that characterizes Viva, a great way to engage in an easy mountain climbing adventure.
    - 8:00 PM: Dinner at the Sultan restaurant, which is located at the highest point in the mountain. The restaurant has a traditional style with beautiful decorations, inscriptions, and religious drawings, and the traditional food bears the flavor of old restaurants
    - 10:00 PM: Head back to the hotel after a fun day
  • Day 3
    - 8:00 AM: Head to the Farasan Islands by boat
    - 11:00 AM: Take a cruise around the beaches and the Farasan Islands, which are surrounded by mangroves. Take a tour between the Qandal region
    - 1:00 PM: Have lunch on the boat
    - 3:00 PM: Visit Ras El Qarn Beach, sit on the beach, enjoy its clear water, swim, and enjoy a kayak tour
    - 7:00 PM: Visit Al-Najdi Palace and enjoy its picturesque beaches with beautiful white sand and attractive colorful waters, and watch the designs of the palace, where Al-Najdi Palace is distinguished by its knights with the beauty of its design and inscriptions.
    - 9:00 PM: Dinner at one of the Najdi Palace restaurants
    - 10:00 PM: Head to Jazan and go to the hotel
  • Day 4
    - 8:00 AM: Visit an al hurop area and enjoy its nature that embraces rain and clouds, the beauty of green terraces, enjoy the picturesque nature, enjoy the views of the old trees, and wandering among the lush forests and valleys in the area
    - 12:00 PM: Eat a local lunch prepared by a local woman
    - 2:00 PM: Visit the mountains of the valleys, enjoy watching the running streams of water, contemplating watching the green terraces, as well as smelling the aromas of the aromatic trees such as the kadi, sardine, and sidr trees
    - 7:00 PM: End of the trip and bid farewell to the tourists

Refund Policy

5 Days before the start date

If you wish to cancel the trip, you must inform us by e-mail at least 5 days before the start date If you wish to cancel or modify the flight after it has been confirmed, you must inform us 48 hours before the flight

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