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In the fourteenth year of the Prophet’s mission, as the harm inflicted by the Quraysh Tribe intensified, he embarked on a momentous journey from Mecca to Yathrib (Now Al-Madinah), guided by Allah. This migration of the Prophet -PBUH- was not just an ordinary expedition; it was a profound event filled with divine miracles and enduring lessons that continue to resonate with us today. The significance of the lessons derived from the Prophet’s migration is so profound that it cannot be contained in a single narrative. Thus, Traventure invites you to traverse the very path the Prophet took. In just two days and one night, you will witness the places he traversed, stops he made, the tribes he encountered, and those he bypassed. During this journey, you will gain insight into the pivotal lessons and strategies employed by the Prophet during his migration. You'll uncover the key milestones, pivotal events, and Quranic revelations that unfolded along his path, starting from his departure from home and his three-night stay in Thour Cave. You will follow his prophetic journey alongside his trusted companion, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, and their guide, Abdullah Ibn Oriqet. You'll explore the intersections of the migration route with caravan routes, including the legendary rock of Wadi Arnah and the momentous incident involving Suraqa bin Malik's horse. As you delve deeper into the journey, you will ascend the very mountains they climbed, traverse the valleys they passed through, and ultimately reach Quba’ in Medina, ending the trip at the Prophet's Mosque. Our team of experts and guides meticulously documented every aspect of the Al-Hijrah route, meticulously studying its geographical locations and their connection to significant historical and religious events. Traventure aspires to convey the profound spiritual and psychological experiences the Prophet underwent during his migration to all those who seek knowledge, regardless of where they may be.


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