We intend to encourage widespread and regular participation in sports and athletic activities, working in partnership with the private sector to establish additional dedicated facilities and programs. This will enable citizens and residents to engage in a wide variety of sports and leisure pursuits.

HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

What is Hala Yalla?

Hala Yalla is Saudi Arabia’s first Super App for sports, entertainment, culture, communities & more.

A Saudi born and built super app that seamlessly connects online and offline experiences across sports and entertainment industries in the Kingdom. Aligning with the nation’s journey towards the goals of Vision 2030, we aim to be the ultimate social, interactive & consumer-driven super app in Saudi Arabia.

Hala Yalla helps citizens and residents lead healthier, more active, and fulfilling lives. We do this by simplifying participation in sports, entertainment, and social activities with a couple of taps on your phone.

Hala Yalla

Our Philosophy

It’s pretty simple. We plan to become Saudi 1st super app of global standards that transforms and grows the digital landscape of the Middle East. We know what people want, and we know how to give it to them. We’re always willing to expand our capabilities across new industries, platforms, genres, audiences, and geographies.

Our History

When were we founded you mean? Some say that Hala Yalla Super App has been around since the dawn of time, a seed of an idea just waiting for the right group of individuals to come together and plant it. Others say that this is quite clearly nonsense, the company was founded in 2016 and that those who believe this ‘dawn of time’ theory should seek medical attention.

You can read our story here

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Our Products

Hala Yalla Super App

Hala Yalla is a free SUPER app for finding and booking the best restaurants, sports, and entertainment experiences in Saudi Arabia.

Discover things to do around you, whether it’s international mega-events like Formula-E races or music concerts. Create and organize your own events and activities within the community or just with your friends. You can even browse or create classes of any kind, for your local neighborhoods. Seamless booking of tickets and absolute privacy of your personal data. Get customized recommendations based on your interests and location too.

It’s a lot more than being a one-stop, detailed SUPER app to discover, book, and create events and activities of all sorts. We designed Hala Yalla Super App with one goal in mind, to make it easier for people to have fun in Saudi Arabia. Every design and every line of code was made right here in the Kingdom. So it’s not just an app, it’s a Saudi way of life.

Hala Yalla

Kafu Games

Saudi’s first gaming platform hub hosting, organizing and managing Esports tournaments for the biggest game titles on every device. Whether it’s local, GCC, MENA or even global, there are major tournaments for players of all kinds at Kafu Games.

We also,

  • Organize and run multiple Esports tournaments on a fully automated system with a variety of efficient tools to manage players and host any game smoothly
  • With our professional Esports training, competitive players can enhance their game skills before each tournament
  • Develop our own games
  • Influencer Hub that will regularly partner and connect with top Esports influencers
  • Provide marketing activation and retail launch campaigns that will help brands reach the Esports market
  • A gaming cafe equipped with high-end gaming hardware and accessories to provide the ultimate esports experience
  • We hosted the biggest global esports season - Gamers Without Borders with over 1 million gamers for FIFA, PUBG, Fortnite and more, all in 7 weeks









5,000,000 SAR+



A marketing platform that automates connecting brands with social media influencers. Jazeel brings the two worlds together - it puts your brand in front of hundreds of consumers, and it provides quality influencer-created content.

Jazeel also doubles up as a viral referral marketing tool that can be integrated into any system. It’s an easy to use system that incorporates gamification through points systems, cash rewards and more.

AGOOL - Saudi Super Social Network

Saudi’s very own integrated instant messaging and social network app, with ZERO ADS.

Meticulously designed from the ground up to create the ultimate social network experience, AGOOL is built for those who look for the best in everything. Micro-blogging, personal chats, book tickets, join a gaming tournament, earn points, plan activities, attend events, are just a few of many features offered on AGOOL.


The ultimate football community app that allows you to create, join and organize football matches anywhere in the Kingdom. Players can find and join local, regional, professional or amateur teams as well as organize local matches or large-scale tournaments.

Koora’s partnership with Dawri Madaris enabled the biggest tournament in the Middle East with 12,000 teams participating from over 5,600 schools.

Hala Yalla Business Partner

Hala Yalla also helps businesses sell smarter, deliver the right message and create personalized experiences tailored for their customers. We help you make the most of your events. With the chance to get your own dedicated branded app and website, businesses can sell tickets, memberships, and merchandise; manage bookings and registration/check-ins; promote events and even monitor conversations happening about their brand.

Hala Yalla is more than just building a business. We want to help build up our communities, our cities, our country. The founding mission of Hala Yalla is for it to be a part of the people of Saudi Arabia’s everyday lives.

Nadeem Bakhsh, Hala Yalla Co-Founder

Why Invest in Hala Yalla Super App?

There’s no question about the scale of opportunity when it comes to Hala Yalla Super App. As it stands, the Saudi population spends on average $22 billion dollars in tourism and entertainment outside the country every year. As part of Saudi Vision 2030, the government aims to transform 25% of that spending into local travel and entertainment by partnering with private companies.

This government initiative is on the back of an ever-growing need and thirst for entertainment activities and organized health and sporting events that a growing population is demanding.

While early adopters are going to be young tech-savvy individuals, the real opportunity of the platform is that it caters to the needs of all demographics. Hala Yalla Super App has the potential to be transformative to all levels of Saudi society and play a major part in achieving the entertainment and health goals of the population for Saudi Vision 2030.

Since it’s initial beta-launch, the super app has grown from strength to strength with constant organic growth of the user base resulting in real-world feedback to help improve its design and functionality.

Who built Hala Yalla Super App?

Hala Yalla Super App is a product of UXBERT Labs, Saudi Arabia’s 1st specialist UX & CX Research, Design & Development Consultancy.

UXBERT Labs is a Saudi-born company with a heritage built on delivering high-end digital products and sustained by innovation. We’re a global services company that provides customers with access to products, insights, and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.

Completely self-funded through corporate client projects, Hala Yalla Super App is built using a scientific design thinking process that revolves around the research of user behaviors, continuous iterative testing and design, and an on-shore development team that allows for fast and continuous engineering and improvements using cutting edge mobile development technology.

Where is Hala Yalla Super App headquartered?

The Hala Yalla team currently operates out of the offices of UXBERT Labs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, home of the Kingdom’s first dedicated commercial Usability Lab.

With access to state-of-the-art usability engineering software and hardware and an even more advanced team, Hala Yalla Super App has been continuously stress-tested with real users throughout its beta-launch lifecycle, helping to ensure a usable and intuitive design.

And with a team of in-house expert researchers, designers and developers, all of whom have experience working on large scale digital transformation projects, the platform continues to be improved with new features and technology, constantly being added.


When was Hala Yalla Super App founded?

We were founded in 2016

How can I get a copy of Hala Yalla Super App’s investor presentation?

You’ll need to compete in a set of three trials.

The first is the trial of the body. You must complete a series of life-threatening obstacle courses that only the bravest have completed.

Second is the trial of the mind. You will go head to head with Hala Yalla’s brightest mind in a challenge of the wits in a game of Jenga.

Finally, there’s the trial of the soul. We’re not really sure what this trial is going to involve, but it felt like there should be three of these. We’ll keep you posted.

Alternatively, if you’re interested, (or, you know, a serious investor) you can just email us on [email protected] and we’ll send you one right over.

How do I invest in Hala Yalla Super App?

For more information on investing in Hala Yalla Super App please contact us directly on [email protected] or +966534556600.

Does Hala Yalla Super App pay a cash dividend?

What’s a cash dividend? Do we have an option?

As you can see, while we’re on the ball when it comes to research, design, and engineering, we could really use some help on the business/investor level of things. That’s where you come in!

Contact us

For more information about investing in Hala Yalla Super App, contact us on the following:

IR email - [email protected]