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Sports & Esports Tournaments

Enter the playground for professionals - organize regular sports esports tournaments for your employees from our platforms.

Corporate tournaments for the biggest esports game titles like FIFA 20, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and more will be held on MENA’s largest gaming platform Kafu Games.

Organize football matches for various departments within your company, create a public or private tournament with existing teams or book stadiums and fields anywhere in the Kingdom with Koora. You can even challenge a rival company on the field!

Explore and book tickets for the biggest sporting events in Saudi through Sharek. And watch most popular sports channels, teams and matches live-streamed on Sharek Live’s app

Powered by Hala Yalla, all tournaments are managed with full English and Arabic functionality, running major esports tournaments for SAFEIS & the Ministry of Sports. Get your company-branded tournament page as the country's premier tournament operators manage them all for you.

Enhance a positive team culture in your company and boost employee morale with competitive sports and gaming.

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