Hala Yalla is a Saudi born and built platform that will be a part of our nation’s journey towards the goals of Vision 2030.

The app helps citizens and residents lead healthier, more active and more fulfilling lives. It does this by making finding and participating in social, entertainment and sporting activities all around the country as simple as a couple of taps on your phone.

Built by the technology powerhouse UXBERT Labs, Hala Yalla opens the door to Saudi Arabia's most interesting events & activities.

As firm believers in innovative simplicity, we passionately dedicated Hala Yalla to making fun easy, highly customizable and 100% headache-free!

Hala Yalla is designed to be the ultimate fun companion to discover the best events, activities, and experiences around you.

With Hala Yalla, you can build blocks for creating fun communities, connect with people, try new things and take your activities to the next level.

More than just "fun things to do", with Hala Yalla, you can plan sports and entertainment activities and events, join groups, and classes, buy tickets, book coaches, trainers, venues, and much more as easy as click, tap and go.

At Hala Yalla, we are proud of our partnership with Saudi General Sport Authority in Sharek, GSA LIVE, Diriyah Season website, online ticket sales, and event management for Diriyah Season, Jeddah Season, and more.

In 2015, Hala Yalla was born in Saudi Arabia. It all started when we acknowledged the challenge and believed that there's always a better way to plan fun activities and get people together.

We pulled our socks up and got the ball rolling!

Because we appreciate and promote the joy and friendships built through these activities, we teamed up and gathered our expertise in sports event management and UX mobile design to create an innovative, user-friendly and just plain awesome app that's perfect for your daily use and on-the-go decisions!