Saudi Arabia’s ONLY event management platform with online payment capabilities

Collect and process payments in the blink of an eye

With your very own customized and branded payment portal through the HY Business platform, taking and processing payment from your customers has never been easier. Designed specifically for Saudi businesses with Saudi bank accounts, we know the difficulties that come with processing local online payments and we’ve designed our solutions around them.

Simple and cashless payment for in-event sales.

Customers using the personal HY app can purchase credits directing with their app. These credits can be used to make payments directly to vendors inside your event, it’s as simple as scanning a QR code. Whether it’s selling refreshments, branded products or anything in between, you’ll never lose out on sales because customers don’t have cash on them.

Unlock Business Growth Opportunities With HYPay Feature

Easy-to-use Reporting Dashboard

Live monitoring of all your key sales metrics, whether it's ticket sales, refunds, or more. Make better business decisions in an instant.

In-built Ticketing System

Our easy to use interface allows you to create & customize events in minutes

Automated Membership Payments

Offer credit packs for users to buy merchandise within your HY business app

Billing Auto-Alerts

Keep on top of sales with automated push notifications to alert your finance team of when you're closing in on targets.

Safe and Secure with no Hidden fees

Get peace of mind for all your online payments and transactions knowing that you can securely receive payments with no hidden fees.

Round-the-Clock Transactions

Never miss out on sales just because it's out of office hours. HYPay means you can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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