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Hala Yalla for Businesses,

your personal event manager

Organize, publicize and analyze. The HYBP advanced dashboard allows you to create and manage your events in the most convenient way there is.

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Hala Yalla Business Dashboard

Increase Sales

Custom-built apps to increase your sales

Stand out from all other event organizers with your very own mobile app, custom branded with online booking and payment capabilities inbuilt.

Fill your events and sell more tickets

Reach a new market segment and sell tickets on the go. Don’t bound yourself to selling ticket through select shops & outlets. HYBP will process payments and issue tickets in just a few clicks.

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Online Secure Payment Process

Attendance Recording System

Streamlined attendance check-in system

Checking-in is as easy as scanning a QR code. A unique QR code will accompany every ticket issued through the Hala Yalla ticketing system to ensure a flawless check-in experience.

Indoor maps wayfinding features with location-based notifications

Help your event attendees find and explore different places inside your venue and send tailor notifications once they visit these places.

Indoor maps wayfinding features

Select Seat

Real-time gamified seat selection

Give your customers the convenience of picking their own preferred seat. Hala Yalla’s venue map design and management tool gives you full flexibility on every seat the venue has.

First Saudi e-Visa platform

We’re proud of our partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be the first platform to offer the Saudi Entertainment e-Visa through a user-friendly online process. Innovated by Hala Yalla.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs

First Saudi e-Visa platform

Loyalty Program to Boost Your Tickets Sales

Loyalty Program and Integrated Influencer Marketing to boost your tickets sales

Your ticket sales are slowing down? Give it a magical boost with our genius influencer marketing program.

Offline Ticket Sales Vehicles and partner Networks that cover the entire Kingdom

To broaden your ticket sales reach, we’re offering our fully brandable trucks and vans for your event, to reach customers wherever they are. Not just that, we have also partnered with Saudi’s largest retail brand Jarir Bookstore to offer your tickets virtually anywhere.

Jarir Bookstore

Offline Ticket Sales Vehicle

Built to empower your Event experience

Event management made simple

Event management made simple

Create, promote and manage events simply by tapping your phone a few times.

Manage your venues

Manage your venues

Got Venues? List them on the HYBP app and easily manage them!

Ticketing solution - CHECK

Ticketing solution - CHECK

Sell tickets directly through your own branded application

Create events in the blink of an eye

Create events in the blink of an eye

Hala Yalla’s easy to use interface allows you to create and customize Events in minutes.

Spread the word!

Spread the word!

Getting the attention of the masses has never been easier with access to HY’s ever growing user base.

On-ground operations

On-ground operations

Our expert team will help you all along the way.

Virtual Queue for Viral Mega Events

Virtual Queue for Viral Mega Events

Our proprietary self-optimized virtual queue allows online users to queue up to secure their chances of getting tickets without the fear of missing out.

Integrated Customer Support Solutions

Integrated Customer Support Solutions

Got a team of CS agents? Use the built-in CS solution to provide a flawless customer experience.

VVIP Concierge Services

VVIP Concierge Services

World-class VVIP concierge services for your valued guests.

Blockchain Ticketing

Blockchain Ticketing

Eliminate fake tickets and secondary black markets with the cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Dashboard and NoC

Dashboard and NoC

Get full-visibility on all the numbers that matters and delve into details to ensure a world-class event.

IOT & Augmented Reality

IOT & Augmented Reality

Enrich your attendees’ experience with the latest technologies

Featured Case Study:

The Corporate League

Having years of experience managing a corporate league in a major North American metropolis, our professional and skilled team are extremely excited to ofer a similar exciting and competitive platform to our fellow Riyadh dwellers.

More case studies from mass entertainment to world-changing events:

  • Jeddah Seasons

Featured Case Study:

Jeddah Seasons

For this year’s inaugural Jeddah Season festival, the largest events and entertainment festival ever hosted in the Kingdom, the organisers partnered with Hala Yalla to deliver an exceptional online presence. With 150 local and international events and activities to manage, Hala Yalla provided Jeddah Festival a cutting-edge digital platform to manage their ticketing and related event management needs. The world-class experience targeted both local and global audiences, and made Jeddah Season a major gateway for bringing a particular brand of Saudi entertainment and tourism to the entire world.

More case studies from mass entertainment to world-changing events:

  • Wasla
  • AlfHewar

Businesses That Enjoyed Our Events

  • ANB
  • Capital Market Authority
  • Deloitte
  • EADS
  • intigral
  • Jadwa Investment
  • JPMorganChase
  • KPMG
  • Life Fitness
  • Bank Muscat
  • Nesma
  • Aljomaih Bottling Plant
  • pwc
  • République française
  • Saudi Hollandi Bank

Fits Events of All Types & Sizes

  • Coaching Classes

    Coaching classes

  • Conferences


  • Exhibitions


  • Business Centers & Meetings

    Business Centers & Meetings

  • Sport Activities & Wellness

    Sport Activities & Wellness

  • National Events

    National Events

  • Intellectual Sports & Tournaments

    Intellectual Sports & Tournaments

  • E-sports and Gaming

    E-sports and Gaming

  • Restaurants Booking

    Restaurants Booking

  • Cinemas & Theaters

    Cinemas & Theaters

  • General Admission

    General Admission

  • Festivals & Long Term Events

    Festivals & Long Term Events


What our customers are saying about us.

Thank you so much for the HYBP app. It's so beautifully designed and so easy to use. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be this kickass! We got a lot of great feedback from attendees about it, everyone was so impressed that a first-time event like ours had such an awesome app. Thanks guys, you helped make us look good!

Moustafa Abdelhamid, Event Organizer and Manager, Wasla Musical Festival

Moustafa Abdelhamid, Event Organizer and Manager

Wasla Musical Festival

The app is a lifesaver. I used to have to do everything (sales, marketing, match scheduling, etc.) across different platforms which would take up so much of my time. I would chase up teams personally to pick up registration fees or call up each team captain to make sure they got the latest changes to the schedule. With HYBP everything is so much faster, giving me more time to concentrate on delivering a better quality experience for players and audiences. And because it's so easy to use that I can train employees to use it without any hassle, something that would've been impossible to do with the old methods.

Faheem M. Bakhsh, Managing Director, The Corporate League

Faheem M. Bakhsh, Managing Director

The Corporate League

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