Get your event in front of the largest audience possible

Reach new customers directly in their own phone

HY Business’s connected platform means all your events are promoted directly to customers in their personal HalaYalla app. With users specifying their interests in the app, HY is able to intelligently target specifically those users that match your target audience and push promotional messages directly to them.

Insight led promotion and marketing

Data mining and analytics built into the HY app helps you uncover marketing opportunities and create campaigns with targeted messaging that not only grab your customer’s attention but also pushes them to register and purchase. Having this whole journey take place in a single streamlined platform will exponentially increase your sales and attendees.

Grow the social buzz surrounding your event

Social media is an essential tool in the modern marketer’s playbook. With HY Business’s inbuilt social boost features, you’ll be able to leverage your customer’s individual social accounts to turn attendees into promoters.

ابدأ رحلة تنظيم الفعاليات بإبداع مع هلا يلا

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